We are the first company to manufacture high-tech products and components in Argentina. Founded entirely with local capitals, our company has been uninterruptedly active since 2004, thus gathering valuable experience and knowledge from the market.

We´ve consistently managed to sustain our growth, based on continuous improvement of our processes and infrastructure, as well as on the detection of new business opportunities, always privileging the relationship with all our value chain - from our suppliers to our customers' customers.

We offer our customers a thorough value proposal in areas such as production or business, always leveraging on value pillars that we´ve strengthened over the years based on a rock-solid set of principles.
This is the main differentiator that sets us apart from the usual market offer.

NOVATECH´s culture is nurtured from solid work ethics and accountability for our actions, always aiming to meet the needs of our customers.


Commitment: To give our customers exactly what they expect, within the agreed timeframe and in the expected way.

Flexibility: To solve every situation derived from our business in a simple, orderly, effective and efficient manner.

Product diversity: We offer the widest range of options and combinations for product development.

Technical capacity: We count with the most qualified professionals focused on engineering, production and infrastructure.

Agility: Right decisions at the right time, a fast and reliable chain of supply, plus an orderly and steady production.

Quality: We meet the requirements of our customers through our quality standards.

Efficiency: Thanks to our modular processes, we can always offer the best cost and resource economy.