We understand that education is the key to individual and collective development, so we pioneered in manufacturing high value-added educational equipment. We are part of the "Conectar Igualdad" program, the most important and renowned regional educational initiative, that has been set as an example for the world. Since its beginning we have been actively participating in product and educational content development, having manufactured and delivered more than 450,000 Netbooks to this date, while providing them support throughout the country. We have also manufactured and supplied Tuners, Battery packs, AC/Adapters and DRAM Modules for most OEMs participating in the project. Since 2011 we have established a strategic alliance with Prológica and JP SA Couto from Portugal, both of whom together make one of the largest manufacturers of educational computers in the world with millions of units delivered in Portugal, Africa, Venezuela, France and Spain, providing all their expertise to us. Our spread of educational products includes Netbooks, handwriting devices, interactive whiteboards, PCs for teachers, servers, battery-charging carts, and application control software among other components of the digital classroom. They combine ease-of-use with durability to allow their use by both teachers and junior students.

The “Conectar Igualdad” program was launched in April 2010 through the Decree No. 459/10 signed by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina, in order to restore and enhance public education and to reduce the digital, educational and social gaps throughout the country. This is a policy of State implemented jointly by the Executive Office, the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES), the National Ministry of Education, the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services. As a Federal policy of digital inclusion, “Conectar Igualdad” toured the country distributing laptops to all students and teachers of public secondary schools, special education and state managed teacher training institutes. The program encourages the use of netbooks both at school and at the homes of students and teachers, thus impacting in the daily life of families across the most diverse communities of Argentina.

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