Firmly committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and products, and in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients, we have designed our Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001 that contributes to develop our activities in a planned and standardized manner focused on compliance with the requirements of our customers and considering the risks inherent in our activity.


All our production processes, both in the Continent and on the island of Tierra del Fuego, are deployed within Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) controlled environments. This practice prevents unwanted electric shocks that may result in qualitative defects of the product while being handled.

Antistatic clothing and bracelets with capacitors that absorb bodily electrostatic charges are mandatory for every production employee.

All of our lines are grounded, and materials passible of acquiring unwanted electrical charges are strictly left out. All productive activities are performed on conductive floors to guarantee a static free environment.


At NOVATECH we believe that taking care of the environment is a direct responsibility of ours, and thus we fully comply with international environmental protection treaties as our policy to avoid unwanted impact derived from our activities. We are deeply represented by this policy and we demand our employees, suppliers and customers to comply with it. We invest largely in training our employees regarding current legislation in order to minimize our waste and enhance our management of hazardous materials. We have also put in place occupational safety, hygiene and health policies, designed to ensure psychological and physical integrity of all our staff, under the premise that all accidents are preventable, and that a task can only be considered as correctly done when it has been executed within appropriate security boundaries.


NOVATECH SOLUTIONS S.A. in consideration of the possible environmental impacts of the products that it manufactures and supplies, it adopts the pertinent actions in each stage of the life cycle of the product.

During this phase, NOVATECH examines the issues applicable to this stage, having considered that the supply of parts is managed ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation, having considered in each case, the impact of the construction of the components involved in the final product, the recyclability of the product itself, and all other associated parts, such as packaging.

NOVATECH manages the applicable environmental aspects, not only to reduce the environmental impact but the rationalization of manufacturing processes in order to reduce energy consumption and ensure that the supply chain that is carrying out the same habits can have a beneficial influence in the environment in a massive way.

In each case, NOVATECH provides its customers with the appropriate information to ensure that the product can be used in the most efficient way possible, offering options for updating the product in order to increase the life cycle or also its repair, thus achieving an economic advantage for both NOVATECH as for your customers.

NOVATECH informs its clients of the appropriate disposal method, promoting awareness of environmental care by means of indications that encourage the correct disposition in places authorized for recycling or reuse of parts, as well as the consequence in the environment due to an incorrect disposition.

Some websites enabled for the electronic materials recycling: